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JBmirai is a Tokyo based consultancy that specialises in Japanese contemporary art. We are very passionate about all kinds of art and are here to help you find your perfect piece of art! 


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João Unzer


João is a Brazialian born artist that has travelled around the globe, getting his inspiration from the raw and crude parts of the world. He is able to express the supressed problems of today's society in a vivid manner.



The black sheep in a family of insurance workers, I have been through various professions, such as: typist in a spiritual center, hanger collector in a department store, office boy, dish washer, busker, fashion photographer, art director, designer and artist. Over the last 8 years, I’ve lived in London, Lisbon, Hamburg and New York. Right now I’m based in my hometown Sao Paulo.

My two biggest achievements until this day was having my work added to the permanent collection archive at the Museum of Modern Art - MoMA along with having Amy Winehouse pose in front of a graffiti I made in her honor, she said "It's fucking ACE!"



If you are interested in any of João's work or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.