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JBmirai is a Tokyo based consultancy that specialises in Japanese contemporary art. We are very passionate about all kinds of art and are here to help you find your perfect piece of art! 


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Meku (Kiriko Ishikawa) was born in Tokyo. Thanks to the influence of her artist grandfather, she grew up surrounded by art and soon began to create her own works. After first majoring in graphic design and working as a graphic designer, she then started Meku. Meku's fresh use of translucent colours evokes feelings and impressions beyond words -- casting new light on the subtle nuances of our daily experiences and values. Currently, her available pieces are individually hand-painted stationary and uniquely patterned tabi socks.



When meku is added to a Japanese word, it conveys a sense of awareness of the present moment. These hand-painted artworks by Meku express the complex emotions provoked by our daily lives - the things we see, hear and feel.





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