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Introducing Kyl Englestone

January 16, 2016


I am Kyl Englestone and I am a British artist living in Japan. I have always wanted to create things that no one has ever seen through my work. My new works are composite images of layered and manipulated fragments of digital photographs. I feel that my work is largely themeless. Experimentation is more significant to me than the subject matter. I am continually testing the medium and finding new outcomes, which then help to determine the content of the piece. Accidents are important and add an element of exciting spontaneity to the process.


      The reason that I make art, and the thing I appreciate most in any form of creative expression is the unique voice that all individuals have when they create. This of course isn’t restricted to artists and other creative types. Anyone who chooses to create something leaves their own personal watermark in the very essence of what they have made. If I were presented with 100 drawings of the same object, and told one of which was my own, I am sure that I would easily be able to decipher which was my interpretation. This is not to suggest that it would be superior to the others, simply that it would be instinctively familiar. When someone draws a submarine for example, it is combination of every submarine or aquatic craft or even aeroplane for that matter, that they have ever seen. These inherent observations from our individual experiences will always create unique outcomes regardless of skill.


I am intent on seeing my own visual dialect become more and more compatible with Photoshop as a visual tool. In the past I worked in sculpture and in large-scale charcoal/watercolor drawings. Photoshop feels like a logical progression as I am used to working similarly in layers (whilst drawing) and with fragments (whilst making sculpture).


      I am heavily influenced by film and I am drawn to filmmakers that have invented their own unique cinematic universes. Directors like Terry Gilliam and Alejandro Jodorowsky are my utmost favorite filmmakers for sheer eccentricity and effortless originality. I also enjoy filmmakers like Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino whom have established vast cinematic universes that are somewhat visually intertwined, immense in scope and saturated in immaculate detail. I also recently discovered Georges Méliés and I love the layered way in which he his distinctive film sets are composed.


      At University I wanted to make drawings that could have been stills from lost films. I wish that I had discovered Photoshop earlier as it seems to be better suited for that idea. A friend once described my work as “High-end Doodles” and to this day I still think of it the same way.


Thank you for taking time to read about my work and influences.


Please contact me via - kylenglestone@gmail.com













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