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'Otto Schade x Roamcouch'

July 2, 2017

JBmirai would like to introduce an exclusive collaboration between two talented artists, Otto Schade and Roamcouch. Their new piece "No More Wars" will be released later on this year. 


Orders are available at: https://www.jbmirai.com/collaboration


Title: No More Wars
Artist: Otto Schade x Roamcouch
Year: 2017
Medium: Silkscreen
Size: 450 x 450 mm
Edition: 20
Price: $300








Otto Schade is a Chilean artist based in the U.K. After years of being an architect Otto became fascinated by Surrealism and abstract art, as a result it led him to turn his creative skills to painting, which has now become his strongest passion.


Originally working with oil paint on canvas, he has since consistently explored different styles and mediums - growing, adapting & changing his style to include other techniques such as collage, illustration and, stencil & free-hand spray paint on canvas and walls. The themes behind his compositions are treated with a sharp, ironic touch.


After moving to Shoreditch, Otto became interested in the local street art and once again adapted his style, this time to painting on the streets using the pseudonym “Osch”.  He developed his orb style for communicating his anti-war theme and his trademark ribbon style that emerges out of his knowledge of the use of space gained from his architectural background.






Roamcouch is a Japanese stencil artist based in Japan. He brings new meaning to “stencilism” and produces meticulously detailed and rich stencil paintings on canvas, and clean-cut screen prints on paper. Some describe his work ethic as that of a modern master, because he can take up to a year to create one piece of his work. His stencils involve an unfathomable and highly professional level of intricacy, with certain images requiring fifty different layers of stencil, which are all hand-drawn and hand-cut. His works involve such detail yet manage to portray a feeling of romanticism and fluidity, through the use of his selected subject matter.


Roamcouch was a former designer and resided in a more corporate setting. Several years ago he was diagnosed with a serious illness, which made him rethink his life and career. It stimulated Roamcouch to drastically change his life by pursuing his dream – becoming an artist.



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